Rustic Bathroom Makeover


It’s a go-to kind of place around here. Yes, I’ve had three kids and have no bladder control… but that’s not really what I mean. I mean, this place get’s used all the time and for all sorts of reasons. This is where the kids [and mom] take baths. This is the place I go to relax after a run, the place I go when I just need a break from the kids and “have to go to the bathroom”, the bathroom all of our guests use, and it’s about to be where I spend too much time potty training my wild toddler. So why wouldn’t I make it a place that I love? And let me be clear, I didn’t not like it before, but I knew some little changes could make a big impact and bring a lot of life to the space. So, this is to all my mamas out there who just “have to go to the bathroom” to get a quiet moment!


I think every room needs a combination of life, texture and pattern! This is where I start when I’m not happy with a room: plants, baskets, rope,  wood, and a fabric I love. I want to add a hanging plant to add height, a plant on the floor, and a few on some open shelves. I plan to do a hanging ivy, and some other plants that purify the air. If you’ve followed along any of our home updates, you know we love open shelves!! And what’s better is when these open shelves are made by your husband, out of scrap wood in a couple hours! We’ll be doing the same shelving that we did in our kitchen renovation and mounting them above the toilet.

Not only will the shelves bring wood into the room but we hope to change out the bathroom hardware. We want to incorporate wood in the towel rods and toilet paper holder. The shelves were my initial inspiration for the bathroom makeover, but I also have been wanting an excuse to paint a room navy blue! And because I already loved my shower curtain I made, this seemed to be a great room for it. I did a decent amount of researching navy blue paint colors and landed on Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue! What’s also fun about this color is I have family that lives in Newburyport and my dad grew up in Massachusetts so I can be reminded of my New England blood!


We have a lot of white in this bathroom with the original tub, built-ins, sink and mirror, and the trim. I’m excited about the way the dark blue will bring out the white and the wood! Because this is a place where I go to relax, I want it to feel like a breath of fresh air. And quite literally, the air-purifying plants will do that, but also a few spa-like features will add to it! I want to display the epsom bath salts I use regularly, and I plan to make some homemade bubble bath and vapor rub that will also be displayed. A must-have for a spa atmosphere is a bath caddy! I’m hoping we can make one out of the same wood as the shelves but Dylan’s telling me just to buy one! I would LOVE to do a chandelier in here but I’m not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for one so this will be something I keep an eye out for at thrift stores. See below to check out my before pictures of the bathroom and stay tuned for the after pictures! Also, follow along my Instagram account to see the day-to-day process.


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