Pantry Makeover


When we first moved into our home in Chattanooga, my parents came and helped us with a few projects. We had a door in our hallway that led to ((some very dangerous)) stairs to the unfinished basement. So my dad, who thinks he’s an expert 😉 , went to town by knocking down some stairs. After he removed the stairs, he laid down laminate flooring and installed a track system on the wall.

And then it got filled, and filled, and filled…

I apologize for the quality of pictures, but I wanted to give you a picture of what the before really looked like! I was tired of stuff falling everywhere, items not having a designated place, and the floor being crowded. So I started where anybody would, by searching Pinterest and dreaming. And I found this jaw-dropping, make-you-happy, pantry shared by The Container Store:


I knew right away I wanted baskets to add texture and the clear OXO Pop-Up containers for pasta storage. So I pulled everything out of the pantry and determined what my needs were. My step one in any project is going around the house and seeing if there is anything that doesn’t need to be used where it is and giving it a new, more useful, home. I determined how many baskets and containers I needed and headed out where I could make the most with my birthday money: Home Goods & Michaels since I had a gift card! Below are the pictures of how it looks now!


The white baskets were bought a few years ago at Target and they hold snack food and nuts and seeds. The OXO containers hold pasta, quinoa and oats. The small baskets were bought on sale from Michaels.  I’ve found it is best for me to put pre-packaged items like excess cereal or chips in larger baskets. It keeps items organized, easy to grab, but still visually-appealing. I’ve stored some of my produce in the metal baskets that were purchased as a set of three at Home Goods.

I love these OXO Pop-Up Containers!! I love that I can see how much pasta we have and I don’t have to worry about pasta going bad if a box has been opened. 

We have canned items and disposable cups stored on the shelf to the left and some cleaning on the right. This is a pretty tight space but I am glad I’ve made it one that functions well and is not stressful to look at! I should note that this is not on only pantry; we have one tall set of cabinets in the kitchen that holds tupperware, baking items, spices,  water bottles, first aid & more!

I painted our doors with chalkboard paint and added some of my favorite pulls from Anthropologie.

Hope you feel inspired and encouraged that organizing your pantry can have a big impact on your home! What are your must-have pantry items?






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