One Room Challenge: Week 2 || The Cabinets

If you didn’t catch my first One Room Challenge then see week one here for the overall plan. Mid chaos of cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets, my dad calls me up and says,  “What are you doing renovating your kitchen without me?!” It was a good point, seeing as how he owns a kitchen and stairwell remodeling company. But that’s just how things go around here. I get an idea and I gotta get to work! Ain’t no time for shipping cabinets up to DC and waiting around. My family often quotes my memorable line when I said “the idea is the plan!”. So here we are week two with beautiful off white cabinets! Read on for the details.

the starting place: know your method

In order to get your supplies you must first know your method! We knew we would be using our beloved Graco Electric paint sprayer because of how smooth the finish is and how fast the painting itself goes. I’ve had our paint picked out ever since I heard how a friend painted hers with no sanding or priming! We chose Blackberry House Paint in Fresh Eggs. I purchased it from a local eclectic store, Merchant’s on Main. Only ((major)) problem was I way underestimated how much paint the sprayer would use! We used 4 quarts, but I have heard this paint goes a long way when applied with a brush or roller.

our supplies:


the prep work:

I gathered my little “helpers”, handed them a wet wash cloth and had them help wipe down the cabinets. They did a great job.. for about 3 minutes. After the cleaning, we started with taking off one wall of the upper kitchen cabinets and then removed all the doors and hardware for the rest of the cabinets. This process went really quick as all we had to do was unscrew and label. I chose to label with washi tape and a sharpie. Next up: taking everything out before your child goes bottoms up with the sprinkles! Whoops, too late. Once the kids were in bed for the night Dylan started carefully taping off the floor, cabinets, and countertops. I boxed up the stuff in our cabinets I wanted to keep and trashed or donated the rest. This is the best time for some Marie Kondo tidying up! I cleaned the insides of the cabinets and dylan covered the kitchen in plastic. When I say covered, I mean really covered. We taped off two of the doorways, the floors, the sink, the appliances, the cabinets, etc. When using the sprayer there is a lot of prep work involved because you want to prevent overspray and fumes. But hold out! Once you see the finish, you will know it was worth it.

the painting:

We put on our paint clothes, grabbed a mask and filled up the sprayer! We guided our air flow by taping off 2 of the 3 door openings to the kitchen and  opened the  windows in the back of the house. We also pointed a box fan towards the back of the house to help the fumes go out the windows. Then we began spraying! If you follow me on instagram you saw a short video of this part but basically you want to hold the sprayer level and spray horizontally. It is best to begin spraying a little before your cabinet and keep it going a little after (insert: overspray, insert: thankful for drop cloths). We then washed out the sprayer and parts. We let ours dry for a few days, got some more paint and I  finished it up during a nap time! While the paint was still dry I removed the tape and plastic. Be very careful your plastic does not hit your cabinets! I learned from experience. I gave it a few days and did touch ups with a brush. The great thing about this paint is the brush strokes are not real noticeable!

the cabinet doors:

Since we are replacing our hardware I used wood filler to fill in the holes. Before filling, I lightly sanded down the holes. Our hardware had two holes that were pretty close together so I filled all of the top holes and kept the bottom ones for our new hardware. I filled in the holes using my finger and applied the wood filler in a circular motion until it was all filled in. I waited until it was dry (about 15 min) and sanded down the wood filler and cleaned the doors off with a damp wash cloth.

We laid down some wood blocks outside that we had in the basement, and set the cabinets down on top. Put on our mask and paint clothes and filled up the sprayer! This part was a lot easier because everything was in one place and there was no ladder climbing or worrying about the plastic coming off. We let them dry, applied another coat, and then repeated the same steps with the back of the doors.

what’s next?

Next up is putting the doors back on and sealing the cabinets with a water-based polyurethane. Once they are sealed we’ll put on our new hardware. We are thinking about doing stainless steal hardware and I’m excited to see how it all comes together with our appliance and faucet!

After the cabinets are all finished, we’ll put everything back in and we’re now able to fully use our kitchen again! As you know from week one, I want some sort of backsplash. I was originally thinking a 3×6 subway tile but I have decided against it for a few reasons. The first and major reason is the amount of work involved in this project, and the second is because I love color and prints so … here comes WALLPAPER! We’re still deciding on what pattern so stay tuned!

  • Blackberry House Paint: Fresh Eggs

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