One Room Challenge: Week 4 || Waiting

Well, friends it is week four of the One Room Challenge and I’m doing a lot of waiting! If you haven’t caught my previous posts, you can see them here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3. I’m also compiling a list of all the mistakes we’ve made so hopefully someone can learn from us! Some things are progressing but the waiting on other people is not my favorite thing to do. You run out of paint…your electrician gets busy and sick… you run out of more paint… your wallpaper is delayed… you run out of paint… paint shipment is delayed… Catch my drift? [Note: if you ever use a paint sprayer, buy A LOT of paint.] All in all we have still made some progress!


Our kitchen pendents were installed and while I love the pendants, we just don’t have enough light in our kitchen. So we’ve decided to get recessed lights installed and I know we will be much happier long term! My mom gave me the great advice of putting the recessed lights on dimmers. We’re now using the LED Daylight bulbs and I cannot believe the difference!! We first installed them in our kitchen and now I’m going room to room switching out all the incandescent soft white bulbs for the LED daylight bulbs. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some comparison pictures from my dining room!

wall art: bulb comparison chair: bulb comparison shelf: bulb comparison

Am I right?! It truly looks like you are outside. What I love best is that everything looks brighter and more natural. Once you look at soft white bulbs after, it will all seem yellow.

Next up, was painting some more of the cabinet doors and shelves. We keep starting and stopping because we run out of paint. I’ve learned LOTS of lessons here (more on this later). And because the hubby is involved in this step, it looks perfect. We changed our method a bit and decided it was best to spray the doors individually, outside then set them on paint cans in our basement to dry. Drying outside=all sorts of critters and leaves on your WET cabinets. No good. On a happy note, here is a close up on the finish and our drying method!

img_6116              drying method

I debated between using water-based polyurethane or Blackberry House’s wax finish and decided to go with the wax. It was super easy to use and dries really fast! They have three different waxes you can use, depending on the look you want. I didn’t want any antiquing on mine so I finished them with the natural wax. I applied the wax using one of my husband’s old undershirts but you could use any lint-free cloth. Almost all the cabinets are sealed but now we are waiting on the doors to fully dry before sealing them. Oh, and that’s the wax on my spotless cabinet door!


Remember my amazing wallpaper?! Orders are taking a bit longer to ship out so we are hoping to get it at the end of this week. This will be a as-soon-as-kids-are-in-bed kind of project! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see progress as well!

Still To Do:
-doors back on cabinets
-seal doors
-install cabinet hardware
-put up wallpaper
-sand down old deck wood for open shelves
-install open shelves
-d e c o r a t e !

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