One Room Challenge: Week 3 || Brightening

Brightening our kitchen

Week THREE?! Yikes, I better get moving faster around here. While I don’t have a lot of progress pictures to show this week, we’ve made headway with plenty of decisions for our kitchen. We’ve been at a stand still with the cabinets because we ran out of paint and have been waiting on the store to get their shipment in. Hopefully, we’ll pick up more Blackberry House paint tomorrow and get all of the doors and drawers finished and sealed by the end of the weekend. I’m over trying to rummage through boxes for plastic bags and dish soap. Thankfully we have our ladder shelf my husband and I built so we have enough storage. This shelf is what sold us on doing open shelving in the kitchen, too! We love that you only keep what you love and you use more of your dishes because you can see them all. It’s pretty and functional, win-win!

ladder shelf

In the mean time, I’ve had plenty of Pinterest and thinking time! I knew I wanted to get a wallpaper but kept going back and forth with what kind of pattern and color. I ended up where I started and I’m so excited for my Walls Need Love wallpaper to come in! We chose the Pixel Diamonds Removable Wallpaper. I’ve been in love with this since I saw it on Jones Design Company’s blog . As I was picking out wallpaper I ran into a minor problem: my turquoise walls! I liked them better when I had the wood cabinets but now they just need to be white. So while the hubby was out of town I picked up a gallon of Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster and went to town painting one night. It’s their color of the year for 2016 so you really can’t go wrong. It furthers my main goal for the kitchen: brightening! Below you’ll see some pictures. The wall that is still turquoise is where the wallpaper will go. You’ll need to use your imagination to picture open wood shelves, white cabinet doors, plants and new lighting.. OR just wait another 3 weeks and it’ll all be up on the blog!

white walls wallpaper wall white walls

So much brighter, right?! Our new pendants came in the mail this week so our electrician will be installing them tomorrow and it will only get brighter! The wallpaper will be up by next week so be sure to check in next Thursday to see that and the finished cabinets. I’m still dreaming of white washed floors (see how I tested that out on my Instagram) but that project may have to wait!

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