One Room Challenge: Week 1

I’m excited to participate in the One Room Challenge  over the next six weeks! My dearest friend, Kelly let me in on this blog trend so I’m excited to have a friend to do this with! And if you know me, you know I love a quick transformation! I plan to do some adding and removing in our kitchen and can’t wait to see what it will look like before Thanksgiving. I’m going to show some current pictures of our kitchen and some of y’all may think there’s no need for a change. And you may be right.. most times there is not a need for an update, but more of a want. See below to check out our kitchen now and my new hopes and dreams for it!

The Kitchen As Is:

kitchen_before1 kitchen_before2 kitchen_before3 kitchen_before4

Not so bad, right? While the wood cabinets may be for some people, they’re not our style. And neither are the stained glass pendants. The kitchen tends to be small and dark so the hope is for us to add and remove in order to brighten the space up! Lately, I’ve been on a brightening kick ever since we painted our fireplace.

The Removing

  • Upper cabinets
  • Stained glass pendants
  • Current stain on kitchen floors

The Adding

  • White paint to cabinets
  • Open shelving
  • Backsplash
  • Brightening floors
  • Simple pendants
  • Plants
  • New hardware


The granite counter is not my favorite color but it is easily to keep clean and fix food on. One day we would love to do concrete counter tops but for now these will stay! We will keep all of our current appliances and layout of the kitchen.  My overall vision is for a bright, industrial-styled kitchen with pops of color! Check out a few mood boards I made below.

Industrial Kitchen with Plants

rustic with pops of color

Thanks for visiting! Keep checking back each Thursday as I post our progress!

4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 1

  1. There is a paint, cabinet coat, the shop found to finish built ins in the field. It’s really nice because it has a self leveling property to it that helped eliminate brush or roller marks it had a factory finish when done. Might help your cabinet project.

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