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I’ve been wanting to share how I use Rosey’s room as a nursery and guest bedroom. We have three bedrooms in our house so Averly and Ellison share a room and Rosey has her own room. If you’re curious to know how my four year old girl and 2 year old boy share a room, you can see their space here. When we got pregnant with Rosey I knew I wanted a nursery for her. We previously had a queen size bed in there and the room was just used for guests. All of our family lives out of town so it was important for us to have a guest room. I searched Pinterest trying to figure out how I could have a nursery and guest room together, but most had a full size and a crib in it. Because this room isn’t large we decided to go with a pull out couch, which pulls out to a queen size bed. We knew we were going to have to get creative on storage but we wanted to have less stuff so it was a good challenge! Below are some pictures of it as a nursery and then transforming to a guest room. The newborn pictures were taken by our talented friend, Jennifer Blackburn! And all sources are listed at the bottom!


I have found the key to easily transitioning this room from a nursery to a guest room is having the crib on wheels! We keep an under-the-bed storage container beneath the crib and it holds all the bedding for the guest bed. I also keep a basket under the crib that holds dirty laundry. All hidden by this DIY no sew crib skirt! The kids love this mobile I made for Rosey. I up-cycled an old mobile we had by taking it apart, adding some fabric to match the pillows, and adding felt balls. I recently took it off because now that she is standing I have this fear she would pull a felt ball off and choke on it! But for nine solid months, she was mesmerized by simply looking at it!


I bought this hunk used for $50! It holds all of her clothes, accessories, bibs, toys and some guest bedroom items. I lined the inside using wrapping paper and spray adhesive to give it an extra punch.

I got the stacking drawers from Target and they hold all of her clothes! The clear containers up top hold her socks, hats, bloomers, swimsuits, and headbands. Again, on the bandwagon with less is more. If the drawers are getting too packed I just sort through and decide what I really want. Less clothes, less laundry.. right?! I don’t know, I haven’t figured that one out. We have A LOT of laundry. And the baskets are held with command clips. When she was younger we put diapers, wipes and lotions in there but now it just holds bibs mainly. Extra blankets and crib sheets are stored on this rolling cart.


I LOVE this couch. It is super comfortable, great to nurse on, and not too big. It folds out to a queen bed and has a memory foam mattress. My mom bought us an amazing mattress topper and it makes the WORLD of difference! We’ve had multiple people comment on how comfortable it is. In my opinion, any sleeper sofa is going to need a mattress topper in order to not feel the springs. I highly recommend this one and it’s on clearance now!


This couch pulls out easily with one hand into a queen size bed. It has a memory foam mattress on it but to be honest, it is still thinner than I would like. We add a 4in mattress topper and it makes a VERY comfortable bed! The cushions to the couch get stored underneath the crib and bed. And the guest basket has candy, Chattanooga magazines, soap and lotion. There is a time-lapse video at the bottom that shows the easy transition of pulling the couch out to a bed.

When the bed is pulled out I move the crib and blanket cart to the doors (which open to Averly & Ellison’s room). The key to an easy nursery-guest room transition is having wheels on as much as you can!


I put some scrap fabric in various embroidery hoops and found some free prints for the frames. The “H” and verse are made by cutting chalkboard vinyl and inserting it into the embroidery hoop. I knew I wanted that scripture to look at and meditate on as I nursed. When the days are long and I am tired, I need the constant reminder that His grace runs deeper than any sin or abilities I have.

I made the curtains and added a pom-pom hem to both the curtains and the lamps.

I am so thrilled with how this room turned out! It has tons of natural light with two walls being windows and one having french doors. I love nursing on this couch way more than a chair. It turns into a little haven where I escape the toddler chaos and have precious moments with my youngest… until the kids bust through the door yelling at each other, of course. So if you need a guest room but still want your nursery to function and look like a nursery, I highly recommend a crib on wheels and a pull-out couch! 


Crib: borrowed from a friend but from a yard sale // Crib Sheet: Target, Oh Joy // Mobile: DIY // Crib Skirt: DIY // Flamingo: Target, Oh Joy // Rug: At Home // Sheepskin Rug: Home Goods // Curtains: DIY, fabric from Jo Ann’s // Rolling Cart: Home Goods // Blankets: Target, Oh Joy // Sleeper Couch: Ashley Furniture // Pillows: Black & White and multicolor-DIY, I love you more-Francescas, White pillow-IKEA // Comforter: Anthropologie // Pom Pom Blanket: Boutique // “Stay Awesome”: Hobby Lobby // Armoire: Used off a resell page // Stacking Drawers: Target //

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