Morning + Evening Jobs: Free Printable for the Kids!

It’s back to school time, which comes with a new routine, new pace of life, and maybe some new emotions. My oldest is starting Kindergarten this Fall so we are embarking on many new experiences! I am most nervous about the morning routine and keeping her on schedule, while getting all three kids ready and in the car. Oh, and myself! I’m attempting to not drop her off in my PJs, but we’ll see how that goes. Kids thrive off of routine, and we know a routine is key especially during change. When they know what to expect and it is the same each morning and night, the power struggles are limited.

I knew I wanted something visual to help my five and three year old know what to expect on school mornings. I searched Pinterest and Etsy, looking for a morning routine chart and found many cute ones but like always, I decided I wanted to make my own. Mostly because they all had a check box for “make your bed” and that is not a morning priority for us! No judgment for those who it is, I just have to pick my battles and that’s not one of them! So, we’re sticking with the necessities: POTTY, CLOTHES, FOOD. Simple.

Click the link below the image to download your free copy!


Below is the evening jobs printable! I tried to be pretty general so these can apply to all my kids! Also, note I was vague on “get clean” because we don’t do baths every night! So some nights that means wash hands, feet, face, and other nights it means a bath! And of course other nights, JUST GET IN BED.


I printed mine out on 8×10 white card stock. I laminated it and then put it in a clipboard! Both charts are in our bathroom, at kid height, since that’s where most of the jobs get done. We have a dry erase marker for my five year old on the shelf but I don’t quite trust my three year old little man. But you could also use stickers and they would remove easily from the laminated paper! If you don’t have a laminator you can get it done at an office store or just put it in a sheet protector!

I also created a dressing station for my five year old so we can pick out her clothes for the week on Sunday and limit the time choosing an outfit and getting dressed. This was a super easy project using wood, chalkboard paint, and leather!

Happy new school year! Please feel free to share these printables and use for personal use! I just ask you kindly link back to me if you share! If you use these printable, I would love to see them in your space!

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