Forearm Backbend Yoga Sequence


I’m about to say something that my fellow gymnasts will totally get, but the rest of the world will think it is very strange. Going upside-down makes me feel alive. Like myself. You know that feeling? When you do something that gives you life and energy and brings back all sorts of feelings. Maybe it’s something you always did growing up, maybe it’s something as simple as going for a run, reading a book, or just being outside. Maybe it’s something deeper: like giving of yourself, loving on kids, or telling others good news that has changed your life.

I did gymnastics since I was four years old and got kicked out of asked to leave ballet. Call it what you want, but it was not the right fit for my energetic self. I did gymnastics all the way through some of college. Now I have three babies, so I stick to yoga and trampoline. Mamas: a note on the trampoline post babies: use the potty before jumping, especially going upside-down. So whether it is on the trampoline, the ground, or the paddle board, I feel like myself when I’m upside-down. And sometimes it’s just what I need. I would venture to say sometimes turning things around, looking at things from a new perspective, is just what we all need. So here is my yoga flow for giving life and a new perspective!

So whether it’s going upside down or just being outside, take some time this hump day to do something that makes you feel alive. And click below if you want to watch the time lapse video of my forearm backbend sequence!

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