DIY Toilet Paper Holder

We recently updated our bathroom by adding in some wood elements and painting the walls. I was initially inspired by this toilet paper holder by The Merrythought:

I knew I wanted to incorporate wood and leather but our space wouldn’t allow for the one above and I wanted the leather to stand out a bit more.  See below how I made ours!

  • Dowel rod
  • Two strips of leather
  • Two nails
  • Saw to cut dowel
  • Hole puncher

Measure and cut your dowel rod. We made ours 11 inches long.


Cut two strips of leather. I used Realeather Craft Lace and each strip was 9 inches long.


This is optional but I used a hole puncher to cut a hole in the leather so that I didn’t have to hammer through it. We already had holes in the molding from our previous toilet paper holder so I didn’t have to hammer at all. I also was worried about trying to hold the leather together and nail through without it moving. This method worked for me but you can always just hammer right in!


Wrap the leather around your dowel rod to find where you want the leather straps to sit. Use the hole you already made in the leather to mark your spot. Hammer away!

And there it is! Four simple steps and 10 minutes later, you have a rustic toilet paper holder. I love the way the wood, leather and metal all look together! Which is why I also made a hand towel holder using an embroidery hoop and leather.

Of course I couldn’t stop there! I wanted to pull the leather in some more so I made this print and used leather to hang it! Click here for the tutorial.

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