DIY Oversized Print

After spending time in Psalm 46 I wanted a visual reminder in my home to rest in God’s strength.   If you are like me you don’t want to pay $40 for a frame and another $20 for a large print. The solution? A thrift store frame + an engineering print!

DIY Oversized Print

Step One: 

  • Find your print, or go download one from my freebies section.

Step Two:

  • Find a large frame at a local thrift store! I found a size 32×26 frame for $12!

Step Three:

  • Email your local Office Depot print center your pdf with the size you want. Make sure to specify you want this as an engineering print in black and white.  Make sure to add an extra inch to your width and height just in case. Ask for them to notify you once it is ready to be picked up. My print cost me $8 because it was so big, but I have gotten oversized prints for as little as .90 cents before!

Note: I end up calling them to verify they received my email and ask what time it will be ready for pick up. I would also make sure they can do it as an engineering print, otherwise you will be charged a lot more! I recommend bringing your frame there so you can put your print directly in there and avoid rolling it up and getting any marks or dents on it. I’ve learned this one the hard way!

Step Four:

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful print with very little work!


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