DIY No Sew Crib Skirt

If you have 15 minutes, want extra out of sight storage, and no sewing skills, you can make this crib skirt with only two materials. Let me start by saying, I knew I wanted a bold black and white fabric to tie in some neutrals with her colorful room, so I just used what I already had! And if you love colorful kids rooms, check out Averly + Ellison’s shared bedroom. I made a video if that is easier for you!

  • Knit fabric (amount depends on height of your crib)
  • Clothespins


Measure the height from your mattress platform to the ground. Keep in mind when the baby is little you may want the mattress at it’s highest point. I chose to put it at the lowest point so I wouldn’t have to deal with lowering it once she got bigger (and because I didn’t have enough fabric on hand 🙂 ) If your crib sits against a wall, you may only need to cover three sides. Even less fabric! Just trying to make this as EASY as possible. I was trying to use the fabric I had on hand so I cut a panel for each side but if you have plenty of fabric you can cut one long panel to go all the way around.


I recommend using knit fabric because there is no sewing needed! The raw edge just rolls up a little bit and you don’t need to sew a hem on it. However, if you choose a different material you will need to add a couple inches in length then cut your fabric, and sew a hem. If using knit, cut your fabric carefully. Because it’s a stretchy fabric it tends to move around a lot.


Remove your mattress and start with the sides first. Pull the fabric in between the spindles and mattress support and start clipping with your clothespins! The best part is you can adjust the height at any point. I like mine to hit right at the ground with no pooling. Make sure to space your clothespins evenly so the cinches on the fabric are uniform.

Note: Because I had three separate panels of fabric there was some open space on the edges. I ended up pinning the edges of the fabric on the sides from underneath so there is no space showing. You may just have to play around with your fabric to figure out what works best for your crib!


Set your mattress back on top of the springs and put ANYTHING underneath the crib because it is out of sight!!

And go live your life because you only spent 15 minutes and very little money! Or you can admire this perfect little baby of mine.

The newborn pictures were taken by our talented friend, Jennifer Blackburn!

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