DIY Hanging Planter

Have you been seeing plants everywhere? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve lived in our house for 5 years and it has just been within the past year that I’ve learned the power of plants! I love the texture and life they bring to a room. If I’m struggling to love a room, the first place I start is by adding greenery. I usually start with live plants and see which I can manage to keep alive. As I rummaged through Pinterest during my kiddos’ nap time I found several hanging plants I loved. However, I was on a time crunch since I wanted to get it done during nap time. Which led me to looking through my excess wood. I found some wood that could work but didn’t feel like going through the effort to drill holes. I’m lazy, I know. Then IT dawned on me! TRIVETS! Remember those wooden trivets with holes in them? Does anyone actually use those for cooking? It was one of those (many) items we registered for before our wedding and never used it. So I grabbed some rope and these wooden trivets and went to town! Originally, I was going to hang them from the ceiling and then I put them on the curtain rod temporarily and they haven’t moved because I like them so much! I love that they add depth, are right next the window and especially love the rope and wood against the brick wallpaper. I don’t have much of a formal tutorial since this was an impulsive project, like many of the projects I do.

Items needed:

hanging planter

  • rope: I got sisal rope at Walmart
  • wooden trivets with holes: I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond
  • fake or real plant: I’ve found I like the plants with height or spillers & love ALL ikea plants!
  • pot for plant: I’m partial to terracotta


Measure how long you want your plants to hang from desired location. Add 6 inches to length and cut two pieces of rope this length.


Take piece one of your rope and feed the ends through holes that are diagonal from each other and tie together in a knot. You should have plenty of rope left and you’ll want to keep it long right now. After I tied the first rope I hung it on a curtain rod to tie the second piece. You can tie it however is easiest for you! Take the second piece of rope and feed and tie as you did with the first. If you like the length, tie the two strands together, securing with knots. You can do as many knots as you want or even leave it with the rope hanging beneath the trivet.


Twist your rope a little bit and add your plant of choice!

I hung mine in our master bedroom and I love the visual height and how they added texture and life to our room! I kept mine hanging from the curtain rod but you could also hang multiple together from the ceiling. Once we installed the brick wallpaper, the plants looked even better! See them in my space below.

full-hanging-planter hanging-planter hanging-planter_bottom

If you do this project, please share your pictures or comment below!

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