DIY [cheap] Hanging Plant!

I’m all about a quick transformation! With three little ones around, I have to get creative with how to make projects quick. And it’s an added bonus to do it frugally. So read on to see how I transformed my plant with little effort and little money!

plant transformation: before-after



Trust me, it is just a simple as it looks!!


First step is prepping for the paint. You’ll want to move your plant to a temporary place. Most of these plants have stickers on the plastic pot so you need to take off the sticker. You may or may not need to use goo gone for this. I chose not to because I was too impatient to walk to the basement and I knew it wouldn’t show with my plants being spiller-plants. After taking off the sticker you need to remove the hanging part of the pot. Most are clipped on there so you can easily take it off.


Punch your three holes where your plants were clipped on, no measuring needed! I punched two holes to make one large hole so the sisal rope would feed through easily. Make sure your rope will fit before moving on to the next step.


Paint! Most of you already know but with spray paint it is always wise to do several thin coats. If you plan to hang your plants high make sure you paint the bottom of the pot as well, since it will be seen.


While drying, measure where you want your plant and how long you want it to hang down. Add 6-8 inches so you have enough to work with for tying the knots. You will need to cut three strands of rope once you know your length. When your pot has dried you can feed the rope through each hole and tie them all together at the top!


Put your plant back in the pot and find a nice little space to hang your plant! I like to mix in fresh potting soil when transferring the plant back to the pot. As you can see, I hung two at different heights in a corner of my kitchen. I had to use an anchor for one of my cup hook’s because it was not in a stud. Need help finding a stud in your ceiling? Just use a really strong magnet!

hanging plant

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