DIY Poster Frame

I love the look of poster frames! I knew when we we’re updating our bathroom we could add in one of these to the gallery wall. I wanted the wood to coordinate so I used a thin piece of scrap wood from the shelves to create a custom, vintage look for only $3!! Read on below to see how I made it.

I read some tutorials and saw how people used either trim or dowel rods but we already had thin scrap pieces from when my husband made our open shelves for the kitchen and bathroom.  And now it all goes together!

  • thin scrap wood or trim
  • wood glue
  • eye hooks (2)
  • leather: I used Realeather Craft Lace
  • screw or nail
  • clamps
  • print or art: download mine for free!

Print out your art or picture. This sign is available in my Freebies section if you want to use it! Just be sure to link back here if you share it. I printed mine at FedEx in 16×20 for $2.50!


Determine how long you want your wood to hang over the side. This print is 16×20 so we cut the wood 19 inches long to have an inch and a half sticking out on each side. Once you know your length you will need to cut four pieces of wood that length.


Start by applying a thin layer of wood glue to the back of one piece of wood. This piece will be against the wall so you don’t need to worry about what it looks like. Then place your print on top of the wood, as seen below.


Apply another thin layer of wood glue to your top piece of wood and stick it right on top of the back piece of wood. I suggest you even out the glue by wiping it with a paper towel to avoid getting any on your print. Most tutorials just use one piece of wood and glue the paper to the back but your picture will be much stronger sandwiched between two pieces using wood glue!


Clamp the two pieces of wood together and let dry over night!


Repeat with your other two pieces of wood on the bottom of the print!


Once dry, unclamp your wood and attach eye screws to each side.


Cut your strand of leather and tie a knot on each eye screw. Hang on your wall using a nail or screw!

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