Celebrating Advent: Chalkboard Christmas Tree

I started to call this an Advent tree because that is really what it’s all about! If you caught my thoughts on engaging in Advent as a family then you’all know the purpose of this tree!

Ellie Holcomb’s blog actually pointed me towards  these ornaments that kids can color with a daily advent reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  It has been a total hit in our house this year! She created her tree from paper but I decided to use chalkboard vinyl. If you’ve been in my house you know I love some chalkboard!! This is a simple vinyl chalkboard tree that you can customize however you want!


Chalkboard tree: triangle

I cut out 4 triangles but you can do however many you would like. The bottom two measured 24 inches long. I put a dot at the 12″ mark at the top so I could cut out an even triangle [and mine aren’t perfectly even, but that’s ok! just another opportunity to talk about grace]. My third triangle measured 17″ long and the smallest triangle, which is at the top, measured 10″. You’ll then need to cut a rectangle or square for your tree trunk.


The vinyl sticks really well but don’t worry, it comes off easy without leaving any marks! So attach your pieces one at a time smoothing out from the bottom to top.

chalkboard tree

chalkboard tree: up close


I added some garland using a chalk marker. And then from there you let the kids take charge! Maybe not with the marker, but all the paper ornaments are fair game. Each day the kids color their own ornament and hang it on the tree with some washi tape. I’ve loved hearing them talk about the story as they color!

chalkboard tree with garland

chalkboard tree decorated

You may be able to tell which ones my four year old colored and which ones my two year old colored! Hope y’all are finding ways to walk slowly to the manger!!

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