A Shared Boys + Girls Room

I have LOVED putting this bedroom together! It’s gone through different phases, the first being when it was just my oldest’s room, then when we put her in a big girl bed (at age 3!!) and moved her brother (age 1) into the room, and now to where her brother is in a big boy bed! When we moved Averly to a big girl bed we chose the Kura bed from IKEA, and we’ve never looked back! I love the versatility and simplicity. I don’t have a ton of pictures from the room when they first started sharing but here is one!

I made curtains so she could have privacy and so her brother wouldn’t be distracted by her! It was a win-win because she thought it was a game to hide with her curtains. I used an extension rod as the curtain rod because I liked the thickness it provides. The curtains are tied back with twine and a command clip. This was the only time her bed looked this clean because 99% of the time she has about 50 animals, dolls, books, drawings, etc in her bed that she HAS to sleep with.

Her brother was in a crib on the opposite wall from her bed. The whole sharing a room thing was much easier than I thought it would be. We moved him in when he was 1 and he was not a great sleeper. I was worried about him waking her up but that didn’t start happening until he could get out of his bed by himself. So fast forward a little over a year and we had a two year old constantly climbing out of his crib and decided it was time to flip the Kura bed!


We flipped the bed and my husband added some extra supports to make it a bit sturdier. I added a quilt to Averly’s bed and just used the down comforter for Ellison. Both of their comforters are queen size because I thought we would use that size for a lot longer than twin. You may notice we only use fitted sheets because our kids would just kick them to the bottom.  In case you’re interested in sources, I’ve listed them all at the bottom!


Our kid’s favorite toy is by far the play kitchen! I bought the IKEA play kitchen off a resale page and added some “open shelving” above it! I love it!! The wooden spice rack was from my husband’s house growing up and I painted it a few years ago. It’s been in our basement for paint storage but I thought it would fit great here. My best friend made the adorable apron for my daughter’s first birthday and I hung it up with a command clip.


A friend came over recently to help me purge and organize and we cleaned up this bookshelf. This is one of my favorite pieces in the room. It was mine as a kid and holds so much while taking up very little space!

The cabinet holds all their books, hair accessories, bags and sweaters. It also has a full length mirror on one side and a cork board on another. I’m telling you, it’s the best!  The storage bench is also thrifted and I painted it and put all their dress-up items inside. The french doors open into Rosey’s nursery, which functions as a nursery + guest room. Below is a bean bag I bought from a yard sale and made the cover out of some thrifted fabric.


This dresser was originally my husband’s as a kid and I painted and distressed it when I was pregnant with Averly. I ended up painting the drawer fronts a year ago to add some color.


Once we moved Ellison to a big boy bed we had a lot more space and I couldn’t wait to put a little table in there! When we have guests over we pull it into the dining room for the kids to eat at.


Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall?! I got the letters from hobby lobby and they were just cardboard and I painted them with Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint. Averly has a wire magazine basket because she LOVES to look at books before falling asleep. Not pictured is her book clip nightlight.


Lastly, and not so pretty is their closet. It is super long but very narrow. One day we hope to open up the wall so all of the closet is easier to access. Ellison’s dresser is in there and some more of their toys.

Hope you enjoyed getting a peak into their room!

IKEA Kura Loft Bed // Comforter: IKEA // Quilt: Local Antique Store// Kid’s sheets: Target// Kid’s pillows: Target // Letters on wall: Hobby Lobby // Magazine Basket: Hobby Lobby// Curtains: At Home // Rug: Home Goods // Storage Bench:  thrifted // Spinning Book Shelf: PB Teen // Bean Bag:  DIY // Curtains for bed: fabric, Jo Ann’s // Table + chairs: IKEA // Play kitchen: resale FB page, but originally from IKEA // Banner: Hobby Lobby// Initials: Hobby Lobby + spray paint// Dresser + mirror: husband’s childhood dresser // Unicorn popper: Paper Source // Walls: SW Eider White

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