A DIY Rainbow Unicorn Party

Averly loves parties. And so do I! I especially love creating things and making them my own. I realize some people think it is silly to put this much time and effort into a child’s birthday party, but creating is an outlet for me. I love being able to customize something how I envision it and see a completed project. I’m also cheap and don’t want to pay someone else for something I know I can do! So for Averly’s 5th birthday she requested a rainbow unicorn party. Which should not be a surprise seeing as how her favorite color is “rainbow”. So where did I start? I started with making her invitation and used the pastel rainbow colors as my inspiration.

And you can’t have a party without a Photo Booth, right?! Only tricky part was we had her party at a park so I knew I would need to create it ahead of time and secure it so the wind wouldn’t blow it over. I decided to use crepe paper and a tension rod. I hung it up with some command hooks and we used double sided tape at the bottom. I borrowed my mom’s instax polaroid camera and fell in love with it! The kids loved being able to take their picture with them.  Below are some pictures of the kids in the Photo Booth and some free downloads of the Photo Booth props I made.



I made all the props in Photoshop and customized them to fit the colors of the rainbow. I printed the images on cardstock and then laminated them. Dylan cut down dowel rods to 10 inches and I attached them using duck tape.  Right click the image to save it and print for yourself!

I ended up outlining this unicorn in black sharpie after printing because it wasn’t a high resolution image.


One of Averly’s favorite things to do is color so I knew we would do some unicorn coloring pages!

Averly requested pin the horn on the unicorn (or as she calls it, “pin the corn”) and the limbo! I made her invitation black and white and had it printed in 26×34 at FedEx for $5. I let Averly paint the picture herself and then I printed out horns. I laminated the horns, cut them out and attached washi tape to the back so they would easily remove from the picture without ripping the paper. This was the kids favorite game!

I loved these confetti balloons that you see behind me in the picture above! I got a confetti balloon kit from Old Navy and was even able to save the confetti from a few balloons to use in the future.

For the limbo I grabbed a thick dowel rod in the basement and covered it with crepe paper by using spray adhesive.

The other activity was rainbow necklaces! We took a bag of penne noodles and added a tablespoon of white vinegar and 6 drops of food coloring. I let my kids shake up the bag to color the noodles and they loved it. I cut out strands of yarn for kids to make their own rainbow necklace!


I did simple snack food and … lots of sugar! We had a couple trays of fruit and veggies that were organized by color. I bought cotton candy for the “cloud fluff” and made some white chocolate popcorn (which I added pastel sprinkles to, because I just couldn’t help myself!). I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the food set up because the kids started eating as soon as it was out!

My mom made an amazing rainbow, unicorn cake! It was so tricky trying to transport this (in the 85 degree heat) so the best picture we have is before the party!

But the real treat is this adorable baby sister in her party outfit! SAMS club, people!! Major score in my book.

I also made some 4×6 thank you cards and let Averly write or draw a picture on the back of them. We put a unicorn color page and the polaroid picture they took in the photo booth along with the thank you card.

I enjoyed creating things for this party and letting the kids be a part of the process! The day of the party was difficult because I had limited time to set up and had to transport everything there. Looking back, it may have been better to have it at my house, but everything is a learning process! Please feel free to use the signs, photo booth props and thank you cards for your own personal use and link back here if you share!

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Bert! I just feel like we’re learning as we go, and each one is different!

  1. Thank you so much for the ideas! My friend is having a rainbow-themed party at a park. Something like the design on those cards would make perfect backdrop signs for the party!

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